Nails Ch9 – Pontas e Formas de Unhas

What is the difference between a nail enhancement and a nail extension?

Responda: A nail enhancement is any product added to the natural nail to increase strength and beauty. A nail extension is adding length to the nails.

What are the steps in preparing the natural nail for extensions?

Responda: To prepare natural nails for extensions, shape the nails, push back the eponychium, remove the cuticle, buff the nail, cleanse, and use a nail dehydrator.

If the client is not getting a basic manicure, what type of preparation is needed prior to starting a nail extension application?

Responda: If the client is not getting a basic manicure, a dry manicure procedure is needed before starting the nail extension application.

Name five types of nail tips.

Responda: The five types of nails include full well, partial well, well-less, French, and full coverage.

What are nail tips made of?

Responda: Nail tips are a tough plastic made from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).

What type of tips does not have a position stop?

Responda: Well-less tips and some French-tips do not have a position stop.

What type of tips does not need to be blended flush with the natural nail?

Responda: French tips do not need to be blended flush with the natural nail.

What are three advantages of using nail forms?

  1. You provide custom nail extensions for each client.
  2. You save time by not using tips.
  3. Many techs do not do this service, so you have an advantage in your area.

What is the advantage of using disposable instead of reusable forms?

Responda: Disposable forms are sticky and stay in place on the client’s finger.

Name the seven most-common nail shapes requested with nail tips.

Responda: The seven most common nail shapes are square, round, oval, squoval (soft square), almond, stiletto, and ballerina.

Do you shape a nail tip before or after you blend down the contact area?

Responda: You shape the nail tip before you blend down the contact area.

What is the definition of an apex, and where is it located on the nail enhancement?

Responda: The apex is the highest point in the nail. It is oval shaped and located in the center of the nail. It is the area of the nail with the most product and strength.

Where is the C-curve on the nail, and what benefits does it provide?

Responda: The C-curve provides structure to the nail so that it appears slender on the hand. More importantly, it provides strength, like the curve in a bridge or an egg.

Why is the apex of the nail created at the stress area?

Responda: Having strength in the apex allows the base of the nail, sidewalls, and tip to be thin, yet leaves the nail strong enough to resist breaking.

How thick should the edge of a nail enhancement be?

Responda: It should be rather thin if a client is to wear it comfortably while going about their day.