Uñas Ch8 – Limado de uñas

Where is the motor located in a professional electric file?

Answer:   The motor of a professional electric file is in the handpiece.

Define RPM.

Answer:  Revolutions per minute (RPM) is the number of times the bit turns in a complete circle in a minute.

What three factors determine which electric file you should purchase?

Answer:   Wants, needs, and budget are three factors that determine which electric file you should purchase.

List three features to look for when choosing an electric file.

Answer:  Features to look for when choosing an electric file include forward and reverse, chuck, foot pedal, RPMs, variable speed control, comfortable handpiece, closed-casing handpiece, warranty, and maintenance.

Why should bits be concentric?

Answer:   Concentric bits are balanced and do not wobble.

What are the four main types of bits?

Answer:  The four main types of bits are diamond, carbide, silicone, and natural.

What bits are one use only?

Answer:  One-use-only bits are porous bits, such as sanding and arbor bands, and any others that are not metal or disinfectable

Describe the practice technique for the cuticle area.

Answer:   Using a medium silicone bit on a low speed, gently remove non-living tissue from the nail plate moving back and forth slowly from left to right.  Never use a metal bit on the natural nail.

What does it mean to graduate grits?

Answer:  To graduate grits means to finish nails using a sequence of bits from coarser to finer, producing a smoother, scratch-free finish.

What is the most important step when preparing to use electric filing during a pedicure?

Answer:   It is most important that the feet are dry before electric filing.

Why should you file slowly and lift the bit frequently?

Answer:  Filing slowly and lifting the bit frequently only avoids heat buildup and client discomfort.

How can you avoid causing rings of fire?

  • Keep the bit parallel to the nail.
  • Angle the finger down slightly at the tip.
  • Increase the speed of your machine instead of increasing pressure.
  • Reduce the overall amount of pressure applied during filing.

What should you do if you find yourself applying pressure when filing?

Answer:   If you feel that you need to press harder, increase the speed of the machine and apply less pressure down on the nail.